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Bone Density And Phenytoin

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character and good nature of the father, along with
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When the disease occurs in plethoric subjects, and the stools are
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Firna Sued for Alleged Injury to Girl's Eyes.— Gustave
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and the arteries, and the causes which produce sleeping and wak-
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Usually they are rather polygonal with one diameter greater than
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There also appeared on the lids ulcerating papules or
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vember 19, 1855, and will terminate in the ensuing March.
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kept at a temperature of 30° C), and at the end of that time
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the liver wound packed, and the patient made an uneventful recov-
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transient gout, and the persistence of the disease in a chronic form, impair
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that the line of anastomosis forms a healing ulcer throughout
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during acute pernicious infection, the symptoms of which became
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whether vegetative symptoms of fatigue, malaise, anorexia,
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canker, 1 — hooping cough, 2 — scarlet fever, 2 — liver complaint, 1 — influenza, 1 — drowned, 1 —
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vantage of this medium over others is that on account of its


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