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Coversyl Cough Iron

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and in a few cases not at all, before the other manifests

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some time past they have been satisfied with a " mere make-believe,"

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financing, together with the assumption of individual

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This is statistically significant and raises the question of what

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its inner aspect, and the two metacarpal bones of the little and the ring

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of many of the duties of life, and yet there may have been pro-

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treatment of corneal opacities in eyes with corneal scar-

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however, sometimes translated directly from Greek into

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*"Jahrl)uch fiir Kindorkrankheiten," loc. cit., p. 56.

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of the pleura associated with a large pleural effusion. Nine patients

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primary toxaemia existing in the upper part of the digestive tract,

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tures; and after three years of urgency from the friends of the measure, it is

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power in allaying the irritation on which the cough depends. He

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elongated forms arise in situ in the same blood-forming organ as an

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animal; and this symptom, therefore, is a somxe from which

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of course no measures were taken to avoid ibe contagion.

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so after amputalion. So also in raids, where the troops

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The Use and Value of Arsenic in the Treatment of Disease of the Skin. By L. Duncan

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makes a very bad physician. From the clinical material he

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Br VALTER J. CREE, M. D.. Duration of Labor.— 1^,21% hours ; aver-

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diseases is generally not difficult. Although, as has been seen, anaemia stands

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phia, 2 and of atropia ; :{ belladonna, internally ;* and warm baths

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diet contains then: (1) Enough protein to maintain nitrogen

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(4) In France, I act ns adrlsor In respect to clothing, protection agalnist

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the pulmonary evaluation of the surgical patient. In

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haave had done it a hundred years earlier— did it so consistently

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of the patient, and sooner or later will enable him to

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Another point of some importance had been alluded to by Dr. Buchanan—

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rowing of pus under the muscles. Dr. Poore l)eiiev<'d

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1901, reported that he has produced plastic spinal inen-

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Case 759: A. Q. Age 19. Entered ward 13, January, 1872. From the history, it was

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roso to tlD.S F. and tliu next day a mild conjunctivitis already

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In one case, a case of bullet wound, the man died of


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